Durability and useful life of Compacfoam

Weather resistance

COMPACFOAM is a thermoplastic adhesive foam with a density of 100-400 kg/m3 based on the polymer polystyrene (PS). In its physical structure and chemical composition it corresponds completely with the expanded polystyrene (EPS, StyroporR) in general use. Hence the basic properties of COMPACFOAM such as weather resistance and useful life can be derived from this. COMPACFOAM’s suitability for use in construction has been confirmed by the CE certification, which includes among others successful tests for freeze/thaw cycle exposure and dimensional stability!

UV Resistance

COMPACFOAM is not resistant to UV light. That means that solar radiation on the surface damages the material. This can be seen in yellowing and brittleness of the surface. The depth of the damage to the material depends on the density of the material. For this reason COMPACFOAM must be protected from UV light by a UV impermeable covering. As a rule this occurs in construction! Experience shows that a time-limited UV exposure during usual construction phases has no influence on the technical properties of the material. The material may yellow, however. As long as these construction and design requirements are met, the useful life of COMPACFOAM is longer than that of a building. Hence after the end of a building’s use COMPACFOAM can still be recycled and returned to plastic circulation.

Resistance to chemical substances

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