Waste products from Compacfoam

Compacfoam is a homogenous EPS material (expanded Polystyrol) and can be collected and recycled like traditional EPS (e.g., façade insulating panels). Due to the high density, reuse as raw material for injection moulding is possible without complications. Return as regranulate into the standard EPS production is not yet possible.

Compacfoam accepts homogenous waste products from its customers at all times.

Waste code number

In the EU, waste products are classified by the “Ordinance on European Waste Product Catalogue (Waste Product Catalogue Ordinance – AVV).”

In the EU, the European Waste Product Type Catalogue (EAK) classifies waste products with 6-figure waste product code numbers.

This catalogue is a waste product catalogue harmonized in EC Law, which is regularly verified on the basis of new knowledge and especially new research results and if necessary modified according to Article 18 of the Directive 75/442/EEC.

Compacfoam is classified as a non-hazardous waste product.

In homogenous compounds, Compacfoam can be classified as “17 02 03 plastic” and in non-homogenous mixtures (e.g., with wood, metal or others) as “17 09 04 mixed construction- and demolition waste products.”

see also: http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/avv/BJNR337910001.html

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