Cold-bridge-free window front-wall assembly with Compacfoam assembly sub-frames

COMPACFOAM® assembly sub-frames

Cold-bridge free window assembly

The highly heat-insulating and compression-proof assembly sub-frame from COMPACFOAM® means that, for the first time, you can mount window elements with up-graded insulation or double walls without cold bridges. The requirements for increasingly dense building shells and the corresponding components demand that we rethink our previous construction and assembly practices. Proper application can prevent building damage due to the entry of humidity into the window embrasure or the construction connection joints.

The COMPACFOAM® assembly sub-frame is oriented to the constructive depth of the door or window frame, and it is available both with the profile contours of recognized profile systems and also in a smooth universal design. Thus in fitting windows different solutions are available that allow the builder to prefabricate the construction elements, including the assembly sub-frame and all necessary sealing measures, in the shop. At the construction site the only task remaining is to position the construction elements and fasten them to the building wall. The sub-frame can be fastened to the building structure properly for the long-term with the following fastening methods:

- using adhesives

In this case, a temporary screw connection secures the exact position during the drying phase of the adhesive applied.

- using screws

In this case, the sub-frame profile is screwed into the building structure observing the necessary distance between edges.

- using assembly brackets

In this case, a structurally sufficient number of brackets are mounted on the building structure, and the sub-frame profile is fastened to these.

The necessary sealant bands and foils are fastened to the building structure with the appropriate primers and adhesives. This trend-setting mode of assembly means an advance not only in physical structure but also in economic terms. Thanks to the direct fastening of the window to the assembly sub-frame and the masonry bolts covered by the IEFS system, this is an example of cold-bridge-free assembly.

With its heat conductivity value of 0.04 W/mK and compressive strength of up to 10,000 kN/m2, COMPACFOAM® represents the optimum construction material for highly heat insulated components with the passive-house quality. COMPACFOAM® provides the window fitter with a material that combines optimum heat insulation with high strength and allows for proper assembly within the insulation layer. The scarce water absorption of roughly 5-10% ensures, in contrast to wood applications, the necessary shape stability and frost resistance.

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