Density classes

COMPACFOAM is currently available in five different density classes (CF100, CF150, CF200, CF300, CF400). The designation stands for kg/m³. For each density class, all technical values, e.g., load-carrying capacity, heat conductivity, etc., are determined so that the appropriate category for an application can be found. Standard measurements for each density class are different.

Table of technical values


Gewichtsabtragung Unterlegplatte 40x60mm[N/mm²]kg pro Platte Gewichtsabtragung Unterlegplatte 53x170mm[N/mm²]kg pro Platte
CF1000,56137kg CF1000,56514,30kg
CF1250,78190,8kg CF1250,78716,40kg
CF1500,83203,1kg CF1500,83762,30kg
CF2001,01247,1kg CF2001,01927,60kg
CF3002,39584,7kg CF3002,392195,1kg
CF4004,181022,6kg CF4004,183839,1kg
Economy0,58141,9kg Economy0,58532,7kg

Typical areas of application for individual density classes:

substructure insulation profile milled rods in window-fitting
core material for sandwich sheets that require no direct screw connections

Assembly elements for screw-on assembly in the EIFS systems
Assembly elements for awnings with screw-connection assembly

profiles and rods with elevated requirements for screw strength
core material for sandwich sheets
core material for composite components with elevated requirements for lateral resistance
Assembly elements for folding and sliding shutters with screw-on asembly
Insulation layers for Window edges

thin sheets (10-30mm) for preventing cold bridges in Façade assembly

lining for concentrated loads with no fire-resistance requirements. small molded construction components in vehicle production

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