Hot-wire cutting

Compacfoam can be custom-cut with a precision of ±0.7mm into rods with a rectangular cross-section using a special hot-wire saw.

Hence this technology offers significantly more precision than similar standard processes for cutting low-density EPS for façade applications. The molten film created on the surface of the material lends additional smoothness to the foam structure and creates a high-quality aspect especially in the case of very small profiles. This sealing however is not sufficient to considerably increase the vapour permeability of the material.

Profile cuts with rectangular cross-section are possible but not angle cuts.

Photo profile rods hot-wire cutting

Our business partners can also process Compacfoam with multi-axis hot-wire saws. Here the attainable precision depends on the geometry and density of the material and must be tested in the individual case.

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Sawing Compacfoam
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