Delivery forms and measurements

Compacfoam is delivered in the exact measurements requested by the customer. The cutting exact to mms due to smooth hot-wire cutting or exact plane-based calibration. In addition, blocks can be profiled to customers wishes using milling machines and taylored by saw.

We offer you Compacfoam in rods or bars, sheets or cube- or block forms.


The measurement of Compacfoam products are derived fundamentally from the production process. Compacfoam is produced in blocks, which are cut into bars, sheets or cubes as needed. The higher the density category, the smaller the block that is originally produced. While the block lengths are considered the price-optimized standard lengths of the final products, the block breadth should rather be regarded as maximum dimension.

Compacfoam is not offered only in these standard sizes, however. At a surcharge smaller cutting can be delivered and also larger rods or sheets using thermal welding. Hence the previously mentioned maximum dimension only applies under certain conditions. When establishing measurements, the processing limits of milling or plane calibration as well as the transport factor must be taken into consideration.

Block sizes
Density class Standard length x (condition) Maximum breadth
CF100: 2,350 mmx530 mm
CF150: 2,150 mmx500 mm
CF200: 2,000 mmx450 mm
CF300: 1,600 mmx400 mm
CF400: 1,450 mmx350 mm

Hot-wire cutting
Plane calibration
Sawing Compacfoam
Delivery forms and measurements
Processing options

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