Insulation threshold

Highly heat insulated substructure insulation material for modern construction elements

The assembly of highly heat insulating construction elements in the structural construction stage requires, both in design and in execution, a choice of materials that must comply with the most varied demands:

- a contemporary heat insulation

- high compressive resistance

- high resistance to the daily routine at the construction site

With its heat conductivity of 0.0378 W/mK and the best compressive strength, COMPACFOAM® provides you with the optimum construction material for these requirements, which has stood the test of time for the following applications:

As insulation threshold under windows and sliding doors of all sort of materials

The COMPACFOAM® threshold is oriented to the constructive depth of the door or window frame, and it is available both with the profile contours of recognized profile systems and also in a smooth universal design.

With the sophisticated COMPACFOAM® staple contour, local height differences can be equalled out on site with only a few hand movements. The high compressive strength of COMPACFOAM® permits both screw assembly into the unfinished floor and also the direct screw fastening of construction angles. Sporadic unevenness of the unfinished floor is evened out by the ductile behaviour of the material without complications, without causing undesired distortions or material breakage.

As combination-insulation threshold with integrated console for outside window sills

Especially in the case of floor-deep door systems such as glass doors or sliding- and folding/sliding doors, the weight-bearing lining of the outside window sill often presents a special challenge. The COMPACFOAM® combination insulation threshold offers the optimum solution for this, and it can be ordered with a great variety of inclinations and projections. Here the profile contour under the door frame is oriented to the profile system used; projection or inclination, to the geometry of the window sill and of the exterior insulation finishing system (EIFS) at hand or to be used.

As lining of commonly available house door threshold profiles

Die COMPACFOAM® Unterfütterung bietet neben ihrer hervorragenden Wärmedämmung die erforderliche Materialeigenschaft, so dass daran auch mit kleineren Schraubengrößen In addition to exceptional heat insulation, the COMPACFOAM® lining also offers the necessary material property so that a wide range of system profiles can be fastened to it even with smaller-sized screws. This material property is also appropriate for barrier-free applications that require the necessary strengths in combination with small panel thickness. COMPACFOAM® lining also meets the requirements for fastening of floor closing plates, and it even functions to improve break-in security.

The scarce water absorption of roughly 5-10% ensures, in contrast to wood applications, the necessary shape stability and frost resistance and hence the desired long-term utility.

All necessary sealing measures such as sealing bands and foils can be fastened properly with appropriate primer and adhesive products to the structure and to the COMPACFOAM ® insulation threshold.

Additional layers / variable adaptation to the panel thickness of the flooring

The variety of heights of window- and door systems demand flexibility of the application. The proper profiling of the Compacfoam bars makes them fit together so that different heights can be attained. Screw connection of the individual bars is not necessary.


Verträglichkeit von Flüssigabdichtungen mit Compacfoam

Example measurement load-bearing capacity

A window with 300kg dead load is taken as an example that is attached uniformly to 4 wedges, each with a surface area of 70x40mm. This yields the following compression:

acting load: 300kg = 3000N compression area: 4 x 70 x 40 = 11200 mm2

acting tension: 3000N / 11200mm2 = 0.26 N/mm2

The recommended maximum tension level of CF100 = 0.38 N/mm2

Hence the strength class CF 100 is sufficient for this application.

link to technical values: Density classes

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