Heat conductivity of Compacfoam

CF100 λ = 0,0387 W/mK Bemessungswert
CF125 λ = 0,0405 W/mK mittlerer Prüfwert
CF150 λ = 0,0423 W/mK mittlerer Prüfwert
CF200 λ = 0,0459 W/mK Bemessungswert
CF300 λ = 0,0530 W/mK mittlerer Prüfwert
CF400 λ = 0,0650 W/mK mittlerer Prüfwert
CFECO λ = 0,0450 W/mK mittlerer Prüfwert

Due to the small statistical spread, the measurement values scarcely depart from the average test value, and hence they can be applied to the calculation.

Calculation of the total thermal resistance of a component

The total thermal resistance of a 2-D component is determined without consideration of the spatial effects and total heat transmission resistance:

U = λ/d

U: Thermal resistance coefficient in W/(m²K)
λ: specific heat conductivity of this layer in W/(K•m)
d: thickness of the layer in m

e.g.: the U-value of a flat sheet of 50mm Compacfoam CF100 is calculated as follows:

λ(CF100) = 0.0378 W/mK
d = 0.05 m

U = 0.0378/0,05 = 0.756 W/m²K

λ(CF100) = 0,0378 W/mK
d = 0,05 m

U = 0,0378/0,05 = 0,756 W/m²K

see also: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/W%C3%A4rmedurchgangskoeffizient

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